Today begins a three-day kind of a mini mini tour. Got up early to drive the trek from Las Vegas to San Juan Capistrano. That drive took about 4 1/2 hours. Tonight I'll be performing with SERPENTINE FIRE which is quite the spectacular Earth, Wind & Fire tribute. If ever you have the opportunity to see this group which features Tyriq Johnson, absolutely check it out. Serpentine Fire definitely does EWF proud.

First thing in the morning, I head back to Las Vegas to perform with Las Vegas' own NEXT MOVEMENT. Featuring Sam Thomas, Carnell Haywood and Earl Shelby this group is among the classic vocal groups. Their harmonies are on point, their dance steps are totally in sync, and each individual lead vocal is silk. My first gig with them Sam introduced me and without warning (or rehearsal), Sam asked me to 'play one of those (Switch) songs that I do'. I don't know why,  but I started 'I Wanna Be Closer'. Audience went wild at the intro. I arranged the harmonies on that song back in the day, so needless to say, I'm pretty strict that the vocals are correct! Here it comes......"Girl, I'll be the man you want me to".......To my complete and utter shock, these three guys nailed it!! They are celebrating 47 years being together and it shows in their talent and total professionalism. Next Movement is the total package and an absolute class act! Oh, by the way, did I mention the awesome musicianship that makes up the band??

Finally, first thing (and very early) Sunday morning, I fly back to LA to do a gig with my SWITCH brothers.  


Any chance to perform with my brothers, Gregory Williams, Phillip Ingram and Akili Nickson is never enough. I totally look forward to it.

Not done yet. As soon as that gig is over. I hightail it back to LAX to fly back to Vegas to do my gig  that same night at Blue Martini where a special announcement will be made. A long time coming, but finally here. Alli Starr (vocals), Ken Young (vocals), Reggie Gonzalez (vocals), Walter Jones (bass), Joe Evans (guitar), Ken Logan (drums), Jay Sylvester (Saxophones and other sounds) and me (keys, MD). To be on stage with this group highlights my every Sunday night. Come on down for Sunday Funday. The best locale, the best food and drink, the best staff. Continuing music with DJ Nice and DJ LaRose and graciously hosted by Devin Moore. 

Whew.....What a weekend!!  Busy is my therapy!

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