Thank You!

I wish to thank you all for visiting my website. I sincerely hope you continue to do so. Tell your friends. Bring them along. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you, but the response to the site has been so overwhelming after barely 48 hours, it is difficult to do so at this time. And I absolutely love your responses! It is my goal to keep you updated on all things Eddie Fluellen. I've had a number of happenings over the years, and I've had the honor of sharing time and the stage with quite a few performing acts who have become personal friends as well (both local and national). I will most definitely be giving you their updates and also giving them their due props on this forum.  

I'm extremely proud of this site and how it turned out for which I have to thank my son, Ian, the Builder immensely. But, I digress. I will thank him on a more personal blog which is very soon to come. I also want to thank photographer Bill Vaughn who took some pretty awesome photos,  which I'll share later. And, his wife Pat (a wonderful assistant) who made me not only look natural with her make-up talents but also made sure my poses and postures were on point! The session was extremely relaxed and comfortable. 

So, to you my Friends and Supporters, I'll try my best to keep you updated not only on music related items, but maybe some personal musings as well. Thank you, again. Meanwhile, stay tuned. More to come.......