Phillip Ingram

My story with Phillip continues to this very day.  Phillip and I are from Akron, Ohio. We met at a band rehearsal/audition for the band he was with at the time, Raw Soul. I was there to audition for the trombone position. I had actually started learning to play about a year earlier. I think I was 17, and Phillip, 15. Phillip was a monster vocalist even at such a young age. Even though he was (and still is) extremely funny, he also had wisdom beyond his years that even I recognized at my young age. We were both kids in our young teens  but we both already knew what we wanted. 

Fast forward to today, Phillip commands a stage like no one I have ever seen. I used to be jokingly 'jealous' of the audience because they got to see him perform in all his glory, while I could only see him from wherever I stood or sat on stage with him. He's that good.

I'm immensely honored that we are still both friends and brothers. And that has continued for well over 40 Years & Counting..........