40 Years & Counting Coming To The Silverton.

For years, I've had the honor of sharing the stage with a cavalcade of extremely talented musicians. And on Friday night February 23 at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, it will be no different. I mean, look at who is in this band. Las Vegas, you know them, you love them, and you can't live without them! Check them out! You just simply can't miss this! These people are amazing! I can't express enough my true gratitude and appreciation for what each one has brought to this project. Their attention to detail and their dedication to and true belief in this project was nothing short of awe-imspiring. I'll never be able to thank them enough. And now, Ladies and Gentlemen my band!

Alex Leon Jr, Percussion 

Anthony Jordan, Bass

David McLaurin, Woodwinds

Francisco Cibrian, Drums

Jassen Allen, Vocals

Mark Laity, Trumpet

Michael Evans, Trombone

Nate Wingfield, Guitar

Nikki Logan, Vocals

and my friend, my partner, my brother for well over 40 Years & Counting, Phillip Ingram.

I gotta mention Larry Hall of HAS Productions who is making sure we sound awesome. Why am I mentioning him? Because he's that good!

Thank you, Raul Sanchez for the promo. I never had to ask much. You knew what I wanted and totally delivered.  

And finally, a huge shout-out to Jaimee Moore, Rob Hathcock (DJ ROB) and the entire staff and crew at Silverton Hotel and Casino (3333 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas. 89139).  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We 'bout to turn it up! Y'all don't want to miss this! We're gonna get down and funky and up and pretty! Be there!!